Insight Adjust Smarty Power-On-Demand!

Control Smarty Power-On-Demand ( POD ) with the Insight CS and CTS

Make your  Smarty smarter with the Insight CS or Insight CTS. The newest software version for the Insight CS and CTS platform is now available through Edges Fusion internet update tool! The all-new software will enable an Insight CS and CTS product to control Smarty Power-On-Demand ( POD ) feature. You can now adjust the Smarty Power-On-Demand ( POD ) feature with the touch of a button!


Your Dodge is tuned with
Smarty, but how are you monitoring your vital engine parameters? Tuning your Dodge and not running an Insight monitor is like taking a knife to a gun fight. The Edge Insight beats any analog gauge system or other digital monitors hands down when it comes to features, monitoring, and maintenance. With our new software update, Smarty users can now control their Power On Demand ( POD ) from the Insight monitor. You have a lot of money invested in your Dodge you deserve the best. You deserve Edge!

 Use the Insight to change the
Power on Demand ( POD ) programmer with a touch of a button
 If your truck is tuned by Smarty, simply connect the Insight to your OBDII (diagnostic) port and control the Smarty Power-on-Demand ( POD ) tuning that was loaded into your trucks computer!

The newest software version for the Edge Products CS and CTS platform is now available through Edges Fusion internet update tool! This New Version adds amazing new Data Logging features that will allow you to log and graph data so that you can truly understand your vehicles performance!

Fine tune your runs on the track, or prolong the life of your tow vehicle by identifying out of range parameters. The CS/CTS Data Logging feature can show you crucial data to help you identify the sweet spots as well as potential problems on your driving experience. Shaving a few tenths of a second off your race time, or running a few degrees cooler make all the difference. The data logging feature allows for a comprehensive, accurate picture of the vehicles condition, such as temperatures, pressures, speed, and more!

 Log and store up to 10 unique logs at a time
 Log hours of data
 View and graph logs on your PC using the new MyStyle Software
 View all parameters or pick which ones you want to view

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