GAS | GM | CS2 | Evolution ( 1999-2016 ) 4.8L- 5.3L- 6.0L- 6.2L - 8.1L

( 1999 - 2016 )

4.8L - 5.3L - 6.0L - 6.2L - 8.1L


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Suction Cup Mount:

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and Windshield

The Evolution CS in-cab controller, monitor and digital gauge display features a full-color, high-resolution 2.4-inch, button-controlled screen. The CS features a ruggedized case, user-friendly buttons, an easy-to-navigate menu, and a light sensitivity meter that automatically adjusts the brightness for improved viewing for day and night driving.


Full-color, high-resolution, button-controlled 2.4 inch screen
Multiple power levels for Mileage, Towing and Performance
One part number for gas vehicles for ALL OEM applications (as they become available)
Includes light sensitivity meter to dim screen as ambient light decreases
Internet updateable (cable included)
Displays and clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Displays Alerts and Records such as RPM, MPH and EGT
0-60 and Quarter-Mile performance test with drag-strip, Christmas-tree lighting (graphs speed and time on screen)
Displays up to 8 parameters at a time in digital display mode
Ships with a universal suction cup mount.
Compatible with all Edge custom dash pods (sold separately).


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GAS | GM | CS2 | Evolution ( 1999-2016 ) 4.8L- 5.3L- 6.0L- 6.2L - 8.1L