CAMERA - Edge Back-up Camera for CTS - License Plate Mount

Introducing Edge's All-New Back-Up Camera for
the CTS2/CTS Model Products.

Edge Back-Up Camera
The CTS2/CTS line of products have a built-in video port
that allows users to connect Edge's new state-of-the-art back-up
camera. The CTS's high-resolution, 4.3 inch color screen allows
users to see what's going on behind them with the Edge camera
connected.The camera mode on the CTS automatically engages
when the vehicle goes into reverse*.
The back-up camera option is a must have for towers
and safety-conscious drivers.

 Elegant Design
 Durable Black Metal Finish
 License Plate Mount
 Adjustable Camera Angle
 Parking Guide Lines
 Night Vision LEDs
 Waterproof (IP67)
 Quick and Easy Installation to Connect to any Attitude CTS, Evolution CTS, or Insight CTS
 Reverse/Non-Reverse Image Switch (option)
 Extended RCA, Power, and Ground Cables to Make Installation Easier

*Camera automatically engages on supported vehicles with automatic transmission where we can read the gear parameter. Not available on all models.
**CTS2 / CTS monitor not included with purchase of camera.

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CAMERA - Edge Back-up Camera for CTS - License Plate Mount