EAS 12V Power Supply Kit
EAS 12V Power Supply Kit The EAS 12 Volt Power Kit
converts any Insight CS2 or CTS2  into a digital gauge for
any vehicle without an OBDII connection! Simply connect
the power cable to a 12V power source on your vehicle.
By connecting to a key-switch power and ground source,
your Insight becomes a digital gauge display for anything
that you want to monitor! With the EAS system, you can
monitor EGT's, pressure readings, temperature readings,
and much more. Additionally, we have updated our Data
Logging Software to now export all data logs into a CSV(Excel)
file to save and compare runs, view, graph and improve tuning.
To view CSV data log files, you must update your MyStyle
software to the most recent version with the "Check for update"
portion of MyStyle. These new releases make the Insight CS2
and CTS2 the industry leader in digital gauge/data logging for
any enthusiast!


EAS 12V Power Supply Kit