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2011 - 2015





The EvoHT is a premium hand-held performance tuner from Edge Products. The EvoHT was developed specifically to give you the most power at the best price, with industry leading service and quality that comes standard with every Edge product. With the Edge EvoHT, you literally hold the power to unlock the hidden potential of your truck or SUVs power and fuel economy in the palm of your hand!

Available for the 2011/2012 Duramax LML Trucks
4 Power levels tuned with Emission Systems Intact
Adds up to 81 horsepower in Extreme level
Adds up to 170 lbs-ft of torque in Extreme level
Speed limiter adjustment
Improved horsepower, torque, and drivability
Enhanced throttle response
Installs in minutes with no tools required

The EVOHT is loaded with multiple power levels for each application. Power levels range from mild to wild. Each level is designed for a specific type of requirement. There will be a Economy, Heavy Trailer, Light Trailer, and Extreme power levels.

Performance +81 HP & +170 lb/ft TQ
TOW +23 HP & +31 lb/ft TQ
TOW Performance +51 HP & +83 lb/ft TQ

The EvoHT is a full functioning scan tool that reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes.

Data Logging
Log by Speed-0-40, 0-50, 0-60, 0-70, Best Times, and Last Run.
Log by distance- 60 foot time, 330 foot time, 1/8th mile time, 1000 foot time, best times, and last run.

Advanced Monitoring
Engine Misc- Calc engine load, Eng Temp, In.Man Pressure, Engine RPM, and MAF Flow Rate,
Time & Distance- Vehicle Speed, Time Engine start, Distance Mil On, Warm-up code Cir, and
distance code clr.
02Sen WR Lambda- B1 S1 WR Lambda, and B1 S2 WR Lambda
02 Equiv. Volt- b1 S1 Voltage, B1 S2 Voltage
Misc. Non-Engine- OBD Standards, fuel level, Baro Pressure, Con. Mod. Voltage, Air Temp
Throttle Detail- Acc PDL D and E % are the same.

The EvoHT is internet updateable via the built-in USB port. Simply plug in and update your EvoHT for the latest updates, software, and calibration files. ( In compliance with all CARB requirements regarding downloadable information. )

* Results and feature set may vary based on vehicle make, model and aftermarket upgrades on the vehicle. Read all instructions before installation and/or operation of this product.

Not legal for on-street use in the state of CA. Product is currently undergoing required emissions tests in order to be granted an Executive Order (E.O.) number from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), allowing legal, on-street use. New versions of the product will result from this activity and Edge customers will be informed of that on this website. Watch for this announcement soon.

The EVOHT programmer has the ability to remove/adjust your vehicles factory speed limiter. Improper use of this feature could result in a serious or fatal accident. Removal/adjustment of the factory speed limiter is intended for use in a closed circuit, legally sanctioned racing environment. Even if racing in a legally sanctioned racing environment, it is your responsibility to ensure your tires and other vehicle components are rated to travel at increased speeds with the speed limiter removed/adjusted. If you remove/adjust the speed limiter during highway driving, it is your responsibility to obey all driving laws, including adhering to posted speed limits.

Removing/adjusting the speed limiter for purposes inconsistent with the product's intended function, as stated herein, is a violation of the products intended use and invalidates the product's warranty. Edge Products is not responsible for or liable for the consequences of improper product use.


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On sale now with No Sales Tax
<b><font color="#990000" size="4">( CALIFORNIA )</font> DIESEL- LML -EVOHT <b><font color="#0033ff" size="4"> - FREE - Next Day Air !